Issues with our evaluation of eM Client


We’re still evaluating eM Client to replace Outlook in our organization.
As things stand, we have two main issues.

The first is an “Incremental update was not possible; please fully resync” error that keeps popping up. We’ve Googled it and tried to fix it by clicking on “Repair” in the properties dialogs of the email, calendar, tasks, and contacts panes. It didn’t help and the error keeps popping up every few minutes. We’ve found that it stops appearing when we disable the “Calendar and Contacts” service from the Accounts dialog, but this is not a long-term solution as we would like to use the calendar from within our email client.

I can send a Fiddler log of the specific request, if needed, but I’d rather not do it in a public forum.

The second issues relates to the editor (i.e. where we compose new emails).
It’s pretty good but lacks some features and “smoothness” that Outlook has (e.g. the ability to set the background color of a text, the editor handling of lists and bullets, the editor handling of rich text pasted from outside, etc…).

I know that you’re working on a version 7 that should come out soon, and I’ve read that it will contain a lot of UI improvements. Will it also contain improvements to the editor? Is there a public release date for version 7 already?

Thank you!

Hello, you should be able to resolve the first issue by repairing your calendar/contacts folder (based on which the error occurs for), to do so, right click the folder in the left pane and select Properties > Repair and click on the “Repair” button to fully re-sync the folder.

We’re working on a new release of eM Client 7 which will feature re-thinked UI including new options as background-text color options and others, follow us on Facebook or twitter to find latest updates about the new release.


Thank you, but I explicitly wrote that we’ve tried the Repair functionality and it didn’t help.

Sorry about that, please share more details about the error for more information.

Make a screenshot of the error and when it occurs switch to the log tab, copy the content of the log and submit it to us here on forum for more details.


I will be happy to send you the information but I’m reluctant to post it on a public forum…
Can you provide a support email address for me to send it to?

Please submit it to us here under the topic, as this forum serves as an official free support channel. The log only contains your email address, you can remove the address from the log content - when the error is thrown it should be visible in the log, you can copy just the lines with the error with couple of lines above and below the error listed in the log.


Alright, here’s the log:

17:21:06 *** [GData]  Synchronizing folder '***/Contacts/'17:21:07 *** [GData]  Synchronizing folder ‘***/Directory/’
17:21:07   MailExceptions.OperationException: Synchronizing folder ‘***/Directory/’ failed due to the following error: Execution of request failed:***.com/full?sync-token=1441158654162_1361885344313_16692_0 (Incremental update was not possible; please fully resync.)
17:21:07    at MailClient.Protocols.Gdata.GenericGdataCommand.Execute(WorkerStatus status)
17:21:07    at MailClient.Commands.Command.Process(WorkerStatus status)


Hello, sorry about this inconvenience, we’re aware of this issue and working on a solution for the problem. Unfortunately it seems like this is an application due to some recent changes on the Google’s remote servers.


I see.

  1. Any estimation as to when a fix would be made available?
  2. Any way to at least make eM Client not pop this dialog up every couple of minutes?

Hello, no estimate for bug fixes I’m afraid, we’re working on a solution.

You can disable the GData service in your accounts settings which will unfortunately disable the ability to use contacts or calendars, or disable the error window from showing when an error occurs in Tools > Settings > General.


Ok, disabling the window may be good enough… As far as I could see the calendar itself still works… what effect does this error have except for popping up that dialog?