Issues with Email addresses on Strato Servers with version 8

I have used v7 for some years without any problems, but the new v8 client will not connect to Strato servers for IMAP (SMTP works and test emails are sent correctly). Passwords are correct and the port address appear to be correct (although eM client is always keen to change the port back to 143). I also have email accounts on 1&1 servers, which have exactly the same configuration except for the server name, and they work perfectly in v8 as well as v7.

I have had to revert to v7, and unfortunately the prime support ticket I raised a week ago remains unanswered (except for a suggestion to reenter my account password).

Does anybody else out there have email accounts on a Strato server - have you manged to get them to work with v8? (If you haven’t tried, beware! Make a backup before you try the upgrade!!

I think it could be here…
Ich denke, es kann hier liegen…

I love the eM Client.
Ich liebe den eM Client.

But what makes me desperate:
Was mich aber verzweifeln lässt:

Adding an email account, automatic search for the settings (almost) never fits.
E-Mail Account hinzufügen, automatische Suche nach den Einstellungen passt (fast) nie.

What is the difference?
Was ist der Unterschied?

after automatic setup does not work.
nach automatischer Einrichtung funktioniert nicht.

Security policy changed manually - works.
Sicherheitsrichtlinie manuell geändert - funktioniert.

I also use Strato Mail on v8. For me everything works so far, but I have problems sending an email from time to time. An error message appears that any connections to strato are active and therefore nothing can be sent. After a restart, it usually works again. I post the error message as soon as I get it again. Otherwise no problems.