Issues with EM Client 8

Since “upgrading” to version 8, I get the “red triangle” issue that others have complained about when sending/receiving emails; My folders don’t look like folders anymore, just boxes: and all of the calendar reminders that were there are still “there” but no popups as reminders anymore. I want to uninstall and go back to the version that worked. If I uninstall 8 will it revert to the prior version or do I need to do something else. Thank you! VERY unsatisfied with this new version!!!

Turning off your AV might be of help, but not sure about “My folders don’t look like folders anymore, just boxes”… not even sure what that means!

Here’s some reading for reverting back to v7

The “folders” look like this:
Other’s have stated that turning off AV has not helped anything. VERY disappointed in the new version!!

OK, those are NON-eMClient folders… and normal.

So you want to believe what “others” have said and not try it yourself? It may come as a surprise to you to find out that many have been successful!!!

Not exactly sure what you mean by “NON-eMClient folders” but I guess that means nothing will change even though they were fine in the older version. And turning off AV is not something I am comfortable with so… What about the calendar not having the reminder option, as I stated it’s on if I look at an event but there are no longer any reminder “popups.” Guess I have to use what I have or look for something else.

Those folders you showed indicate that they were not eM Client system folders. System folders would be inbox, outbox, sent, trash, etc. They all have icons that are somewhat indicative of the function represented.

As for your comfort level with stopping your AV… it is only for the amount of time it takes to determine if it resolves your original problem. At that point you can decide what you want or don’t want to do.

Something you need to be reminded of… currently there are NO representatives in the forums from eM Client. So the responses you are receiving COMES from VOLUNTEERS TRYING TO HELP. If we do not have anything to suggest then we don’t address some issues!! SIMPLE?

Hi Sunriseal,
Firstly allow me to thank all community members who have offered me their kind assistance in the past. However I note your statement that eM customer support is not here on the community forum. Might I ask how I get their support as when I click into help/support within the programme it brings me to the forum.



Unless it was a typo on my part I usually comment that “customer support is not CURRENTLY in the forum”. It appears that it has been that way since v8… perhaps having their hands full with support tickets.

If you are being taken to the forum when you select “help/support” that may be because you are using the “Free” version. Support ticket support is a PRO version ‘benefit’.

@hitbit You need PRO (ie, paid) access to get support. Otherwise help just directs you to this forum.

In principle eM Client customer support vists here intermittently; in practice, recently, I have seen little sign of them doing so - ie, through posting. It is possible they are lurking and looking but they are not helping out.

I suspect the support team has their hands full helping PRO (paying) users with their problems. Remember there is precious little difference between FREE and PRO versions - any problems in FREE version are likely to be there in PRO as well. And since these people have paid, it is understandable trying to deal with their problems takes priority.

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