issues when installing EmClient

I installed eM Client (version 6.0.24928.0) two days ago and here’s a couple issues I found:

1.) When importing my email accounts (10 email accounts) from Windows Live Mail, it did not import any of the email that were in the ‘Sent mails’-folders of these accounts. So they are all lost. Is there any way that I can still import them into the ‘Sent Items’-folders of eM Client?

2.) On eM Client’s website it says that the free version allows maximum 2 accounts. But I imported 10 email accounts and they all seem to be working. I will switch to the paid version when I am satisfied with eM Client, but was still wondering what is meant by maximum 2 accounts then.

3.) When I imported my emails many emails were imported twice so I had to manually remove all doubles. Also it created many folders twice, one empty, the other populated. Also all emails in my old ‘Inbox’ were marked as ‘unread’ although I had already marked many of them as ‘read’ in Windows Live Mail. 

4.) What I really miss is that emails that belong together (conversations) are not grouped. I already see that in the new beta-version eM Client 7 this is solved, so I am looking forward to it.

Issues 3 and 4 do not have to be answered but I would love some feedback on issues 1 and 2.

Kind regards,
the Netherlands

For no 3) there is a de duplicator tool which can work on e-mails, events, tasks or contact.  I have only tried it on contacts and it seems to work quite well at that.  I haven’t had the problems you have had with duplicate e-mails,but this may be worth a try.

Question 2) I believe there is a trial period so you can test out the multiple emails functioning before you pay to keep the capability with the Pro version

Thank you both for the replies. I hope the makers of EmClient can give me their feedback too.

Hello Paul,
1.) the export/import of your WLM files could depend on the set up of your account. If there are any emails that you still have access to in WLM, I suggest exporting them to EML files which you can then either Import or drag into eM Client. (How to export messages from WLM can be found for example here)
It’d be really helpful if you could tell us how your accounts were set up in WLM so we can try to find any possible issue with our import function (were these outlook/gmail/yahoo/etc accounts? Are they using POP protocol?)

2.) When you first install eM Client you are running a DEMO version, that gives you the unlimited accounts of PRO version for 30 days. You will be notified when your trial period is ending.

3.) I suggest the deduplicator tool for the duplicate emails, though you might have to remove the folders manually. Check all duplicates carefully before allowing the tool to remove your data though.
As for the unread emails, can you tell me what account did this happen on and how was it set up?

4.) Conversations are indeed implemented in version 7 and not available in older versions.


HELP!  I just got eM Client, and have installed and uninstalled it 3 times, but my brain is 70…so… 

I cannot get a clean install–it keeps recreating all the wierd folders (mailsent AND eM Client’s sent, etc) I guess from my old email acount.  I am using IMAP because Spectrum Roadrunner said they updated and pst format was obsolete (but IT never gave me problems!).  Is it really true pst is out?

Also, I imported a cvs backup of my IMAP Outlook clients and cannot get my contacts to appear when I click on the lower right CONTACTS button, but they do appear when I click on TO in COMPOSE email.  I am in my 70s, and this is about to overwhelm me and make me give up…but I love the software and hate to!  HELP!