Issues running on clean install of Big Sur

Hi there. I am getting white text boxes on things like the subject or dates when snoozing so I cannot see what I am typing. Also, I cannot access the forum on Chrome as it gives me a white screen (having to access the forum on Safari).

I have performed a clean install of Big Sur macOS this morning and the email client works OK, I just can’t see what I am typing in the text boxes. Please see screenshot as an example. You will see there is a subject at the top of the new email window but the text box is white.

Many thanks in advance.

Is it only the Dark Theme in eM Client on Mac that has this issue ? Do the other built-in Themes work ok.

Also what version of eM Client do you have installed.

Hi, yes it does appear to be just the dark theme after trying others. Just tried light and industrial and they work fine.

The version I have installed is 8.1.1060 and downloaded it only a couple of days ago.

Thanks for your reply

Ah ok. Sounds like the default Dark Theme Big Sur might have to be moded for Big Sur.

Be interested to see if any other Mac users have had this same issue & if they resolved it.

There is also a few Dark Themes in the user created gallery you could try that might work in the meantime. Sry I haven’t got a Mac currently with Big Sur to test them. Here is the link below.

Also do you have Dark Theme enabled in your Mac OS itself outside of eM Client ? If you do maybe suggest to disable that to see if that has any effect on the Dark Theme issue in eM Client.

Lastly, there is also a Transparency setting in the Mac OS. Try turning that on or off to see if that has any effect on the EMC Dark Theme issue.

Thank you. I have already tried the transparency setting but no joy. As you say it must be a Big Sur Dark Mode issue. Maybe an Apple or EMC update in the future will resolve this.

Thank you very much for this thread guys, I ran into the same issue some hours ago and this thread literally saved me. I got my Big Sur running now and without further issue.