Issues found

  1. as of now i am using my hotmail id with em client. Since there is no support for labels so i am using categories. But the main problem is when a message is either dragged & dropped or exported & when imported back all the categories are getting lost or cleared automatically!! this is a major inconvenience.

Like in outlook (in .pst file) let categories stay with individual emails. please make this possible.

  1. i have a gmx id, in which i can create multiple aliases. But then all the aliases are added in em client i cant select separate “OUT GOING NAME” for each of aliases - this is a major inconvenience

  2. In above case if outgoing name is cleared from account -> user information -> then it picks the default name from the server (this is not a expected behavior!! when web email is used this doesn’t happens

4 as of now no option to close email while replying/forwarding automatically - this is another major inconvenience as too many emails will remain open (this option can be found in outlook)

Thanks & Regards

I have talked with my colleague Mr. Micek and he told me that he already answered all your suggestions and reported bugs.

Hi George,

i did receive an email from your colleague Mr. Micek with explanation for my queries & suggestions.

Thanks & Regards