Issues Downloading and Showing Gmail Emails since update to Version 7

I am using Emcient since 2012 with no issues. One day the update to version 7 popped up. I installed it, since this day, is shows my gmail folders only one month into the past. and the older mails are not available anymore. 
besides, when i open a new mail, it doesn’t show the text just loading and loading. 
Yesterday i removed Emclient completely and renamed the Database Folder to force a new database would be build. Now im on 7.2 - but the issue is the same with the opening of the mails and reading and loading not all mails from the past. 
i feel now very lost - does someone have same problems with gmail?
It says permanentely syncronizing and i left it on over the night - but no improvement.

Please help me!

Please read announcements on this forum about the current issues with Google. It’s not just you.

You did not say which version of 7.2 you are using. 7.2.36908 apparently addresses some of these issues with Google. If you are not already using that, it is available in the Release History so download and install it and see if there is any difference.

Hi I am already using 7.2.369080 and the issue is since the last 2 updates…

So what you can try is to uninstall eM Client then download and install 7.2. 35595 from the Release History. That was the most stable recent release. Though the Google API issue was not an issue with that version, it may have manifested only after the following release, or maybe that release is not affected.

Try it and see what happens.

Hi Thanks for your comment. I tried it - but it didn’t worked out. Same issue like the other releases

If you go to Menu > Tools > Operations and look in the Log tab for any errors.