Issues deleting concurrent events from iCloud calendar


I have issues when I delete event via em Client.
The issues are reproduced when I try to delete last event in the recurrent event series.

Details follow.

  1. I create recurrent event which repeats 2 times.

I selected following options:

  1. Syncronized with iCloud, closed and open eM Client.

  2. I deleted first event of series with “Delete this occurence” choise.

  3. I tried to delete second and the last occurence.
    Screen shot follows:

I selected “Delete this occurence”

  1. After step 4 I obtained the following error:
    I pressed “Upload later”

  2. If I close and open eM Client, I obtain the same picture as in step 5.
    If I press “Delete item” here it seems working.
    But it is difficult to know if this is a last event in series when I use real case (not the one described here) - I don’t know if this is a last event in series and I obtain such errors.

It would be good if you fix it.
Note, if I do the same actions with iPhone all works fine, it looks something wrong with eM Client.


Hi Sergiy, I’ve been able to replicate the issue, but unfortunately this is actually a normal behavior…

If you’re interested on why is this happening, it’s simply because if you delete an occurrence a new recurrent event is being uploaded that only tells the server this occurrence will not be displayed/will not be occurring, but when you delete the last occurrence you’re trying to upload an empty recurrent event, which the server denies.

I completely understand this might get a little bit annoying but it’s nothing to worry about as if you receive the error “forbidden” you’re being prompted that this is the case, you’re trying to upload an empty event - so you either have the chance to save it instead of deleting it or delete the event completely as there are no left occurrences.

We might be able to improve the behavior for this situation in future releases, but there’s really nothing wrong with this at the moment.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi again, I completely understand your point here, as I mentioned previously we’ll try to improve the handling of this for future releases, but I have to point out that it has a lowered priority as there’s not really anything technically wrong. I believe if you chose to delete the event right away when the error occurs, it should not cause any issues with your iPhone application but as you pointed out, this seems more like Apple’s issue, however
this is an error with available solution for you to confirm.

It’s quite similar as if windows has an issue connecting to the network and offers you diagnostics and fix of the issue.

I’m again sorry you’re experiencing this and I hope you’ll be able to use the current setting while we work on a fix for the issue.

Thank you,