Issues connecting to O365 account

After updating to v8 all seemed OK until I tried to configure my O365 account. I’d completely removed v7 and the database before the installation of v8 as I’d seen the various issues on this forum so wanted to begin with a clean install and reconfiguration.

The O365 configuration worked to the extent that contacts and calendar content were accessible but no email object appeared. After numerous efforts to fix this I uninstalled v8 and reinstalled the latest version of v7. The same issue was apparent.

I checked the Microsoft website for the correct SMTP and IMAP server configuration for O365 and noticed that the automatic entries entered by EM Client were different. The entries added by EM Client allowed me to access contacts and the calendar as experienced in v8 but no email was present. Entering the SMTP and IMAP config as provided by Microsoft allowed me to access email but EM Client decided that these settings wouldn’t allow me to access contacts or calendar.

This had originally been configured in a much earlier version of EM Client where I assume the auto config provided the correct Microsoft SMTP and IMAP server settings.

I gave up with storing my contacts, calendar and backup emails in O365 and copied them all over to a Gmail account which worked fine with EM Client.

So beware of issues accessing O365 with the latest version of v7 and v8 EM Clients. It doesn’t work as it used to.