Issue with QHD+ screens (3200x1800)

Good morning.
I have a Yoga 2 Pro with a QHD+ screen (3200x1800) running on Windows 8.1.
The client doesn’t display correctly. Some fonts are too large while some others are too small. This is for example the case for the list of messages which is very small and unreadable.

eM Client can’t be used on such definition…

Thank you in advance for considering this issue.

Hello, can you send us a screenshot?

Attached is a screenshot

Hi, thank you for the received screenshot, we’ve been in touch with Bastien, who posted the original topic. We’re currently working on a future upgrade of the application which should include an optimized support for High-DPI settings.

Thank you,

Hello I am trying your application on the new Dell XPS 13.3 with QHD (3200x1800). The result is not very beautiful. Some toolbars are so small… It’s difficult to work with that. May you plan an update since 5 months ?

Hello Fabrice, if you’re using a QHD screen you might try to use the touch mode that you can enable using CTRL+F11 , which improves some of the spacing for use with touch devices. However current application graphics do not include support for high resolution or high dpi displays, we’re however working on an upcoming release of eM Client that will feature a re-thinked UX and UI and support for High-DPI displays as well.

I have the same problem, 11 months later. I’d love to upgrade to the Pro version, but the icons are impossibly tiny. It’s the only app that does that. Everything else works fine on my Yoga Pro 3 with Windows 10.

Hi Jesseca,
this issue will be resolved in version 7 which is coming out very soon. Thank you for your patience.

Best regards,