Issue with calendar added by html

I have my work Outlook 365 calendar imported to my emClient (running Beta 7 but this was an issue prior to that). When I have used other email clients, when I add an event to the 365 calendar, the desktop client calendar auto-updated with the new event. This does not seem to occur with emClient. Am I doing something wrong? When I receive invitations and accept them, in 365, they appear on the calendar. It just seems to be events that I create. Please advise as this is very important to my being able to keep track of my calendars without creating the event on both calendars separately.

have you tried the clicking the refresh button (both in outlook and in eM client?).
If even that does not load the events correctly, please go to Tools>Settings>Advanced and set up EWS logs for your 365 account.
Restart eM Client.
Replicate the issue with creating an event that is synced from outlook but does not appear in eM Client.
Go back to Advanced settings and click Send logs. Change the recipient to and add the name of the test event and the link to this forum topic to the body of the email.