Issue - Saving Photo Attachment from Draft Message Causes Error

I am getting an error whenever I try to save a photo attachment from a draft message that I am writing. Yes, I know that is an odd thing to do. However, I was attaching photos to an email and then decided that I wanted to save those photos all together in one folder.

I hover over the photo and choose the Save option. After selecting ASave in the dialog window, it starts to save the photo and then I get an error message:

“Error occurred when using the attachment: Non-negative number required. Parameter name: count”

After clicking OK on the error dialog, I can return to eM Client, however, the photo is only partially saved.

I’ve included screen shots of what I am getting.


Hello Howard, thank you for reporting this, I was able to replicate this issue on my eM Client installation. I’ve reported the problem to the developers for more information about this issue.

We’ll inspect this issue and hopefully we’ll be able to resolve it an upcoming update.

Sorry about this inconvenience.