Issue request for Beta Version 10.0.1495 (627efd5) - Unable to print

Hello all…

I didn’t know where to go to submit issues with the new Beta 10 - so if I’m on the wrong forum, can the moderators please move to the correct one (and let me know so I can link to it).

Beginning with the new Beta 10 version - and now with version 10.0.1495 (627efd5) - I am running into an issue I’ve never experienced previously, and it’s quite frustrating.

The issue involves the printing of an email. Let’s say I want to print an email. I’ll double click on the email I want to print. Then, when I hit PRINT, the print window comes up, but it wll not load the email. I will then see a notation on a blank screen that says “Document failed to load.”

I checked all of my settings, but regardless, I am unable to print with Version 10. Here is a screen shot of the printing page:

Is this a bug, or does it involve some type of settings adjustment?


Ben Herrmann
Fuquay-Varina, NC

Any issues while testing the beta application should be reported to [email protected]

Thanks - that’s just what I needed. I just sent an email.