issue: blocked mail account almost prevents me to use emclient properly

I have 2 accounts configured in my emclient. one of them got blocked by service provicer.
now it shows me every munute a dialog box with password request.
Which prevents me from using my another account properly.

I’m typing email - password request
I’m navigating  - password request
I search for something - password request
And every time the focus jumps to that box

Its really annoying
And I find no way to disable the account or to suspend checks or something like that
The only option it seems is to ‘work offline’ which suspends everything

Perhaps your service provider requires 2-step authentication.  Check with them to see if it is required.

enter the correct password or delete the other account because if it is asking for a password you are not getting email on that account.  that should get the message to go away