ISP Recommended SMTP and POP settings aren't reaching server

No IMAP with my small NZ ISP, their recommended settings which are across port 996 and across 465, both on the ‘use SSL/TLS if available’. I have tried the ‘no secure connection required’ settings and no joy there either. The ISP confirmed settings were correct for them. Using the ‘diagnose’ and ‘fix’ functions result in trying all those different settings changes and eventually a green tick but this doesn’t last, straight away I can’t connect to the ISP servers. Help appreciated! Thanks

Hi Phil, have you tried to use the automatic setup for your email? Just insert your email address and password into the automatic setup and eM Client should setup the rest.
If you’re having issues connecting after using the automatic setup, can you please tell me what version of eM Client are you currently using?

Are you using proxy/firewall or any antivirus with email protection software on your computer?

Thank you,

That has worked indeed, thanks very much Paul

Sorry may have spoken too soon, the automated process hasn’t added smtp settings - no smtp tab on the ‘accounts’ screen. Any thoughts?

What version of eM Client are you currently using? Can you try to setup the account manually using server settings of your mail service provider (xtra)?
To setup an account manually when adding a new account instead of using the automatic setup, switch to the mail tab below and select ‘Other’ and proceed with the steps.

Hope this helps,