is windows live messenger actually supported?

Nice product. One of the selling points to me about this produce was the ability to setup an IM which works with MSN, or as it is now known, Windows Live Messenger (WLM).

I see WLM supports a XMPP transport. Is eM Client capable of using Microsoft’s XMPP servers, or do I have to config eM Client to use a 3rd party XMPP server which has support for the old MSN transport protocol?

Its the other way round. Microsoft allow limited XMPP support to connect to service such as Facebook, but MSN/WLM protocol itself, is a closed system. Microsoft has made API for 3rd party access, but never the full specification of its protocol. Google Talk is the only full XMPP protocol client from the big names.

So, to connect to MSN/WLM, you need a 3rd party XMPP server that supports MSN/WLM.

When I first started using eM Client I could chat quite happily on WLM. Now it’s stopped working. I have Google Talk working but don’t understand what you mean about 3rd party xmpp server. What do I need to do to get WLM working again?


Windows Live Messenger was ended (except for China) and all contacts and accounts were merged with Skype (bought by MS) and now because skype is stopping support 3rd party API we can’t provide support for it anymore.


Ok thanks. Strange that it was working only a week or two ago. Skype is too much bloatware - I was hoping for a slimmed down 3rd party client.

This sounds weird, I was unable to login under my live messenger account for months, but it does not change fact that Microsoft merged WLM with Skype accounts and most likely there will be no possibility to use any 3rd app for Skype at all after few weeks…