Is this software still being supported?

So, is this program dead in the water? Based on all the customer complaints and lack of company participation on the forums it looks that way.

I really hope not, as the software is nice…but there are some irritating little bugs and quirks that don’t seem to be getting taken care of. I’m ready to spend money on a good email client, but holding off for now.

Please give us some hope that this software is still moving forward, and that you are listening to the customers and working to fix the known issues.

to be honest: I am also hesitating to purchase a pro-License since there is absolutely no feedback from the Company.

Since I was happy with Version 6 I decided to delay my purchase until Version 7 arrives.
Well, Version 7 is here - but the number of severe issues discusses here plus the complete silence from the Company makes me doubt  :-/


Yes, I have a long outstanding issue with deleting junk email moving items to the Inbox with gmail accounts. It has been acknowledged as a bug but absolute silence since then.

Shockingly bad support, they take your money quickly enough for the upgrade to v7 then don’t care. Am wondering if it’s some sort of scam (look at the release notes of all v7 ‘releases’).

version 26861 fixed this……

Thanks Jay, but they have not told me about this even though I have a ticket open and there’s nothing in the release notes (that are now 2.5 months old) -

How did you find out about this build?

You are correct that they have not had an “official” release since July 27.  I found this in a Peter Funken post-- apparently he got it based on a pro support ticket.  Honestly, this version seems to clear up any meaningful issue I had.  Of course, I am a Gmail user, which is their sweet spot.  By the way, my guess for the absence of support is development of the Mac version (just a guess…).

Cheers Jay, very much appreciated. As you say, just a guess, as they are not telling us anything. Shame there are show stopping issues with Mailbird at the moment.

My second favorite client (and I’ve tried them all) is Postbox. Unfortunately with their new 5.0 release they seem to have discontinued support for Mozilla’s Lightning calendar. Ugh, scratch them off the list.

I have a couple of QNAP NAS devices and they are about to release an email aggregator, with a thin end client and apps for Android and iOS. That could well be my solution.

That’s it! I too like Postbox, however because of missing CardDav and CalDav Support it is a no go! And I don’t want to switch to GMail. I’m running my own NAS with CalDav/CardDav server for privacy reasons, you know.

I’ve already filed a feature request for Postbox to support both protocols natively, that was yesterday, however I’ve asked them three yrs. before for this feature and obviously no enhancements either.

So, should I stick with emClient v6? ATM it’s the best choice. v7 is a step backwards regarding the bugs and the lack of new features. Not to mention no real enhancements that would be worth upgrading right now. The company has disappeared for unknown reasons and I would recommend not to buy any license as long as there is a new sign of life the next week.

I guess they already closed the company, don’t know for sure it’s just a feeling because neither on Facebook nor on Twitter nobody posts anything.


For me, emclient is fine.  The big ticket item for me in v7 was conversation mode, which is implemented OK (although I hate not being able to tell by looking who the new email in a conversation string is from).  I have actually had very few problems with v7-- at least no deal breakers, but again, I’m a gmail guy.  Also, you think support is weak for emclient, Postbox is way worse.

I loved the idea of conversation mode, but I don’t use it now because it’s too glitchy. It may look great, but I’ve found many cases where emails are actually missing or in some bizarre orphaned place that I’ll never find.

I am looking for alternatives. Sadly most Applications around do not offer a Calendar…

Lotus/IBM Notes is available as “free” download (as part of the free “Designer-Package” which includes the Client  but I did not read the fine-print if its allowed to be used that way…) but the Client is only suitable for real Notes-Fans and a pain in the A… when used with POP and IMAP… .at least I did not manage to make it work flawlessly…and the Future of Notes is also a bit unsure…

Any other eMail-Client-Applications with Calendar-Support out there?
(No, don ́t mention Windows Live Mail…)

I am already checking prices for an Outlook-License :-/



After so many years I have used WLM , it isn’t easy to be happy with an other mail client.
Now side by side with " eMail Client" I’ll keep trying for a long period
Thunderbird and Opera Mail.

Problem with Outlook is:
-no native support for CalDav and CardDav
-no real support for email aliases for POP3 or IMAP accounts

I’ve always had issues with Tbird.  Freezes a lot and the conversation mode is completely confusing to me.

there is a add in “gSyncit” that adds support for CalDav/CardDav and many other protocols to Outlook. I use it for Google Calender and Contacts. I have Ourlook as part of Office 2016 but I prefer a leaner email client such as Thunderbird or emClient V6.

I know there a some tools that add those features to OL, however, the main point I cannot switch to OL is the missing support for email aliases. I’ve got about 200 of them for about 10 email account. Yet Outlook 2016 does not offer aliases.

ever since the release of eM Client 7 we have been receiving a great amount of feedback and were simply overwhelmed.

Because of this, we prioritized the support of our Pro users to ensure they get the service they paid for. But we have been monitoring our community forum closely, albeit with less interaction from our side than you might be used to.
Many suggestions, improvements and fixes are being made and released as part of the minor updates of version 7.

Luckily, now the amount of support that our paid users need is back to normal, and we’ll direct more of our attention back to you, our Free version users. 

So, if your post here on the forums hasn’t been noticed, worry not, we will get to you soon!

Thanks for using eM Client and being part of our community!


Thanks Olivia, this is great to hear.