is this just a server-peeper with no local HDD storage ??

notwithstanding the setting “download for offline reading”, all mails disappear when deleted on the server. Thus my question if this is just a server mirroring mail program or if I am just blind to find the “store my emails on my local drive” option.

Hi Manfred,

Have you enabled Local Folders?
That’s where  the mails should be - as the name implies…

Menu > Tools > Settings

Tick one or both as required.

These (Local)  folders don’t sync with the server (with IMAP)  like the ones under the account.
Thus don’t disappear through an action on the server.


Thank you for your help Peter
yes, both “Show … Folders” are ticked.

you mentioned to “enable local folders”. I seem unable to find any such Option and neither seem the online help function know such term., instead, it brings “automatic archiving” which of course is a different thing.

where can I tick “enable local Folders” ?
tks for help mate

Thank you pefunk for your reply.

while my settings are just like you say, these options are “showing” something rather than “setting” where the inmails are to go. Fact unfortunately seem to be now that this (ogherwise nicely made) email program does not (automatically) save incoming mails to the HDD, but I can only do that by drag & drop into the global Inbox.

this effectively means that before deleting from the server, manual savings of all mails is required or I l lose them.

Gentlemen, thank you for trying to help. At least it is clear now what this thing can(not) do.
have a great one