Is this a fake mail?

today a mail from eMClient (???) iinvites me to download a new version (8.2) although the latest version is already running. The download link is: The offcial download link is: It says google otherwise won’t sync contacts any longer.

is this a (perhaps dangerous) fake mail?

No, this is a genuine email.

The issue is that Google are discontinuing support for the API used in versions before 8.2. That means that after the 15 June, if you are using an older version of eM Client, your contacts will no longer sync with that provider.


To the OP, I too received this email while using v8.2. The email specifically stated I was not…that in itself did seem suspicious.

thanks to all for your fast replies! I agree completely with fitness! On the other hand it is positive that nobody knows which version I’m using.

Some emails went out in error before we changed the filter to only send to those on pre 8.2 versions.

If you received the email, and are already using 8.2.x, you can safely ignore the email. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thanks Gary for the follow-up.