Is there anyway to transfer email from yahoo to em client

Have been using Yahoo Mail and would like to transfer my emails and contacts to EM Client. There is no included feature to accomplish this in the “Import” section. Can this be done so that I do not lose my emails and contacts?


Richard, if your messages and contacts are synced with your online Yahoo! account, then you do not need to import them into eM Client. Simply add the Yahoo! account to eM Client, and the data on the server will be synced.

Hi Gary…thank you for the timely reply!

How do I ensure that the account is synced to Yahoo?

Also the Yahoo account is used for business and has a lot of folders, etc will they be available in EMC once account is set up?

Last but not least is the fact of why we are changing. We send out a lot of distribution emails and with Yahoo limiting the number of emails sent out we are looking for a better alternative. If we set up the Yahoo account in EMC will we be able to send out an unlimited number of emails using our distribution lists?

Thanking you in advance.

You can check if the data is synced with Yahoo! by logging in with the web interface. If you can see everything there, then your current email client is syncing with the server. Once you add the same account in eM Client, it should sync the same data. So all your folders and messages, as well as the contacts and calendar will be available in eM Client.

Whatever Yahoo! specifies as the maximum number of messages will apply to any email client that is connected to that account. So I think that they limit you to 100 per hour, maximum of 500 per day. If you need more that that, you should look at a different email provider. Maybe whoever hosts your domain could offer you a better email service.

Hi Gary,

Once again thank you for the comeback re this situation. I understand your response and I now have the answers I require as per my return to you. With the rule limiting the outgoing emails this would apply to any service that I transfer the Yahoo account to.
Looks like we will have to change providers but have no idea how to transfer the emails & folders to the new provider from Yahoo. I personally moved all my emails from WLM to EMC and the task was very easy. However I now find out that if you want to move from EMC to another provider it is not so easy. I guess they do not want you to leave. Lol!!!

Thanks again for the timely responses …much appreciated.

You don’t have to move away from eM Client to use another email provider. Simply find one that does not limit how many emails you can send, and add that account to eM Client.

Before removing the Yahoo! account from eM Client, you should move all your messages to Local Folders. That way you will not lose anything.

Any idea what provider does not restrict the number of distribution emails?

I think that all free providers have some restriction.