Is there any way to install eM Client to a separate drive?

I use my primary drive (C:) for my OS only. I install any other applications to my D: drive. I have so far not seen any dialog in the installer, and will not be able to use the program if it is not on my D: drive.

For now you can only install eM Client on the C: drive, although at least 1 user has manually moved it to the D: drive (which is not advised).

eM Clients takes +/- 52 MB on my C: drive…not so much.

You can select in eM Client to store the database with your e-mails, contacts, appointments et cetera to the D: drive.

Hi, it is not possible to install eM Client to to other drive then C:/


I dust off this topic, to know if in the meantime has been included this option, because I need it.

Hello Vincenzo,
unfortunately we do not support this option.


This is such a shame as it should be something so easy to implement - I have the same requirement to install eM Client to my D Drive.


I`m here to know if you guys implement the D: option. For me is the only way to continue to use emClient. Could you work on that?

eM Client does not officially support this option, but on an NTFS partition you can use junction points to have the folder on another drive.

I am just thinking about Hans’ comment above, and agree that eM Client does not take very much space. In my case it is 167mb. Maybe the “%appdata%\eM Client” folder can get quite large, but the install directory should remain fairly constant.
If you are having space issues on your c: drive, there are probably better ways to recover space than moving the eM Client install directory. You could recover the space used by temporary system files, empty the recycle bin, delete the thumbnail cache etc. Many options.
Another option may be to consider a larger c: drive.

Would you please explain how this is done? I am very interested in doing this.

A lot of newer computers come pre-installed with a fast SSD for the operating system and a slower HDD for everything else. Not having an option to install it on another drive makes this program incompatible with many newer computer systems.

There are two parts to eM Client; the application and the database.

The database is by far the biggest part of eM Client and you can have that wherever you want. However, moving it to a slow mechanical hard disk which is really only meant for seldom used data, can affect performance as the database benefits from the read/write speeds of the SSD which are 100s of time faster than mechanical disks. But SSDs are not that expensive and a 1GB option will easily manage your OS, all the applications, your normal files, and eM Client’s database, even if it is as large as 30GB (which even then is only 3% of the disk).

But you can move the database and give it a go.

You do that in Menu > Settings > General > Storage. Create a folder on the mechanical disk, select that location and click on Save & Close. Exit eM Client and move the contents of C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ to the new folder you specified in Settings. You may have to enable hidden items in Explorer to get to the original database.

Start eM Client to use the database in the new location.