Is there a Windows 10 64-bit version?

My task manager says I’m running ‘eM Client (32-bit)’. It’s version 7.1.30794, free trial, downloaded a few days ago. It’s seems like it would run more efficiently it was 64-bit like the computer.

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For anyone else who may wonder about this, I’ve checked with my very computer-savvy brother, and he’s explained to me that this makes absolutely no difference in efficiency.

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There is no advantage to a 64bit version of EM Client. There are very few programs in your Programs Folder. Most everything installs into Programs Folder (x86). All are 32bit programs.

Thanks for your reply. I should always ask my brother first before I bother a support forum! I’m one of those folks with too much information about, and too little understanding of, computer stuff.

32bit and 64bit do both work as well as each other. Main difference is that 32bit and 64bit  cannot always ‘see’ each other.

e.g. QuickDooks desktop 64bit can not use a 32bit email app to send emails.

I have a windows 10 64bit with an HP Scanner. ‘Scan To Email’ does not work, which I think is because EmClient is 32bit and the scanning software is 64bit.

Speaking as a professional software developer, creating a 64bit version of an app is usually straight forward.

The main effort is testing to make sure everything still works.

64 bit applications can access memory above the 4GB limit that 32 bit applications have. So there is an advantage with applications that are memory intensive like 3D rendering. But for most applications it will not really make any difference in performance.

I have never had a problem using 64 bit applications with eM Client. It might have more to do with your default application settings than the difference in 32/64 bit.

It may be that the Mac version is 64 bit.

default email application is set to eM Client

could be. I’m a PC user so can not check.

Check through the Control Panel.
Go to Programs > Default Programs > Set your default programs.

Click on eM Client. Choose Choose defaults for this program.

Choose Select All and Save

thanks. I’ll check these settings.