Is there a way to....

There are several things that are annoying to me. Not necessarily eM Client problems but things it could address to make my life better!

  1. I am frequently getting connection failures on two IMAP servers. These are transitory, but the error box pops up and forces me to dismiss it. I would like to be able to make these errors “silent”. That is just log them, don’t nag me about them.

  2. I would like to see some extensions to either the rules or the auto-archive function that would allow me to move “expired” mail to a folder [in my case the trash folder]. An automated way to delete the “expired” items would be an acceptable alternative. For a good example see the archiving feature of Microsoft Office Outlook.

  3. When I manually run a rule it always makes me dismiss a dialog box when it is done. This is really redundant since I can observe its progress. An unnecessary step I would like at least to be optional.

Hi Stephen, you can disable the errors from showing in Tools > Settings > Show window when an error occurs.

Thank you for your suggestions, we’ll consider improving these options in future releases of the application, unfortunately it’s not possible to auto-dismiss the apply rule window, however I agree this is un-neccessary.