Is there a way to replicate all appointments on one calendar to another calendar?

I am testing eM Client for the first time after being a long-time Outlook user.  The only thing eM Client doesn’t give me that I was able to do in Outlook using gSyncIT, an add-on tool, is to copy appoinments from one calendar to another using Google calendars (I would take all my business appointments from Outlook (but also a Google Calendar) and copy them to a 2nd Google Calendar (within Outlook and then it would sync with Google).  Is there a way to mirror this functionality within eM Client?  This is the only missing piece!  

Otherwise, this tool blows Outlook out of the water just from the couple of hours I’ve been testing it today!  It gives me the integrated inbox view I wanted, the easy calendar view/functionality across multiple calendars, the sidebar with multiple calendars and not just the main one, and more!  Thank you!!

Hi, it’s not possible to use this add on, but you can use multiple gmail accounts and move your calendar events with simply drag and drop, but it can’t be done automatically unfortunately if that’s what you’re missing.

Thank you,

ok thanks.  Would be a great feature to add to the Rules functionality!

One thing you can try is to view the Calendar you want to copy in Agenda view. Then you can either select all the events (or just the ones you want) and hit Ctrl-C to copy. View the destination Calendar in Agenda view and hit Ctrl-V to paste the events.