Is There A Way To Move The Location Of The Local Folder?

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I just upgraded my op system to Win 11. I had been using Thunderbird for quite a few years, but once I upgraded to the latest version of Windows it kind of went funky on me… all the emails I had saved for years are readable and such, but I’m unable to get my mail filters to work at all.

Since Mozilla no longer supports Thunderbird (and since I upgraded) I figured that it would be better for me to choose a new Email client rather than trying to figure out what the problem with Thunderbird is.

One of the most important features of Thunderbird (at least to me) was the fact that the app would allow me to manually chose the the location of my Local Folder(s).

I am a FIRM believer in backup redundancy. On my laptop I have two SSD’s; my primary drive and an an addition drive where I save all of my data files from any program that’s of a critical nature (email files, banking app files and anything else that I would need if I had to replace my primary drive as a result of damage, a fatal system crash etc,). On my Desktop (which is in storage at the moment on account of a move) I have five hard drives (four of which are backups).

What’s so frustrating for me these days is that when companies develop apps, they always save any data (such as email and such) to drive C (by default) without giving the user an OPTION to relocate data files and such to a different drive… so if your primary drive DOES crap out (and you replace it and do a clean install of Windows) all of your data from your damaged drive is gone for good.

Now I know that these days a lot of companies depend on cloud services (which is fine), but not good enough for me. I want to be able to store all of my data on my OWN laptop/desktop without having to depend on once source for my backups.

I just installed eM client and there IS a lot that I like about it, but if there isn’t any way to store my local Folders to my second drive (Drive D), then I have to keep searching for a different email client that provides me with that feature.

Could anyone provide me with a bit on insight?

Thank you in advance for responding to this post.


Being as eMC stores everything in their database, this should answer your concern.

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Thank you very much!