Is there a way to keep both the calendar and email open at the same time?

 I have to keep toggling back and forth.

Hello Elsa,

Yes, you can grab the top of the Calendar tab and expand it upward. This will enable you to see both your mails and your calendar at the same time.

Hope this helps.


Hi Dave, please forgive my denseness but how do I do that.  Right now I’m in mail and to the left are my emails and to the right is mail with folders.  Below is calendar, tasks and contacts.

Hmmm, not sure I understand… can you clarify “tabs”… which version are you referencing with these instructions?

Guess here it’s age. I don’t get it either.


I’m referencing both version 6 and 7, see the included picture - simply grab the orange line I highlighted with your cursor and drag it upwards. You can expand Contacts and Tasks in the same manner as well.


Ok, got it. But: There is no (any colour) line although I even applied the dark theme for testing. And the sensitive zone is only 1 or 2 pixels high. It’s really hard to hit.

AND - using the Red Effect theme it doesn’t work at all because there’s no sensitive zone left. I guess because some genius set SidebarSplitterHeight to zero?

I added the line (like I said, just grab it at the highlighted line) in MS Paint, so there is no actual line - however the Red Effect issue is a bug we’ll get on fixing soon.


Is it a bug or by design that eMC 7 doesn’t remember that I had expanded Contacts and / or Tasks?

“get on fixing soon”… will that be in v6 or v7?

This isn’t exactly what I meant.  What I mean is there a way to view the full calendar with all of my appointments as well as my emails.  The small calendar to the right does not help me at all.


Jörg> This is indeed by design.

Sunriseal> Red effect is a new theme available in version 7, so this will be fixed in v7.

Elsa> Unfortunately there is no way to view both Calendar and Mail main window at the same time and it is currently not a planned addition to the program.


That this is not planned is truly a shame.  Having just moved over from Outlook (an older version), I regularly opened both the email and calendar windows (you do this in Outlook by opening email then right clicking on the calendar icon/bar on the bottom left and selecting “Open in new window”).  I like that because I use multiple screens and can put email on one screen (where it stays all the time) and look at my calendar on another.  It really helps when you need to verify that something in email has been converted to a calendar event.  Maybe in the future?

Yes, it would be a most useful addition.   A bit of a pain, to have to toggle when writing emails about… calendar planning!  WOudl seem to me a basic feature, also available on Thunderbird…
Keep working!