Is there a way to index email messages?

X1 will index both Outlook email and other files as well. Is there anything comparable for eM Client? This is an extremely important feature for me, and is perhaps the main reason I continue to use Outlook.

I asked this question 13 days ago. No answer. Where is the Em Client employee who is supposed to be following and answering questions?

Hi, sorry for late answer. eM Client stores its data in sql database, not in files, so file indexer won’t work. Some custom indexing provider or somerhing like that would need to be implemented. eM Client indexes messages by himself in database to perform quick fulltext search.

Thank, Michal. I haven’t looked at your indexing system close enough to judge whether it can replace X1 or similar. With Outlook, The combination of date range archived pst folders, X1 to index all of them, and Outlook Attachment Sniffer to remove all attachments and store them as files is hard to beat.

Indexing of attachment’s contents is a make-or-break functionality.

Ideally you should piggyback on Windows Search instead of reinventing the wheel, especially because many files have binary structures, and Windwos search has the proper filters to look into those.

Also, the emails would show up in the search results from WIndows Explorer, which is also very important.

I always come back to look at your program, but the lack of these features drive me away.


Unfortunately we do not plant to implement this as we store data in database and we do not plan to change it.

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