Is there a way to import filters/rules from Thunderbird?

I have a load of filters set in Tbird to ensure that inbound and outbound mail is filed in the appropriate mailbox, of which there some hundreds. How do I avoid having to rewrite every single one of them for eM Client?

it should work when importing whole accounts from Thunderbird.

Thanks for the reply, George. Some rules were indeed imported but they’re a bit “lost in translation” i.e. they don’t work and I was hoping there would be a way to import them such that they retained the functionality I had with them in Tbird.

I see a couple of rather tedious days ahead of me…

Could you please give me an example of your rule? I mean all actions, conditions and exceptions so I can try to simulate the problem. Thank you.

Doing some searches here for issues I’m facing with rules, moving from Thunderbird to eM. I’m guessing that david was referring to the inability of eM to use OR conditions in rules. I’m facing that frustration myself. Its going to take me DAYS to redo all the rules I had in Thunderbird that either did not import into eM, or did not import as-is.

One other thought. When importing from Thunderbird, you have the choice to import everything, or select specific folders or contact stores, but there is no option to just import rules.

This would be particularly helpful in this situation. Since the TB rules are in a flat file (msgFilterRules.dat), we could modify them by hand, then do the import into eM. That should be much quicker that having to recreate so many of them in the wizard.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider changing this for future releases, but unfortunately now it only works while importing whole accounts.

I hope you can manage to use the current settings,
Thank you,