Is there a way to get mail from eM client files( backup corrupt ) caused by a harddisk failure

Harddisk failure and backup is corrupted only files i still have is from user/name/AppData\Roaming\eM Client.
But this will give me a database error tried dbfix but still no luck

If both the backup and database directory are corrupt, then there is nothing you can do.

eM Client’s default location for backups is the same disk as the database. That is not a very logical solution because if you lose the disk, you lose both. Going forward I would suggest that you backup to a separate disk if you have two installed, or at least make regular copies of the backup to an external disk.

If you were using IMAP, all your emails will still be on the server, so adding your email account to a new database will re-sync everything.

Hello Kent,

As Gary said, there is not much to do in this case. I would just add that for the local folders and archive folders (both are not on the server), you can try moving them from the database folder into the new install database to see if these files were affected or not. These have the separate folders in the database directory so it is easy to recognise them.