Is there a way to flag emails for follow-up by date?

Just migrated from Outlook and miss the ability to flag emails for follow-up by a specific date. Has anyone found an effective method as a workaround?

This can be achieved with the Snooze function.

When you receive a message, and you don’t want to deal with it till next week, just snooze it for the required time. Then when that day comes, it will popup in your Inbox again as a new message. There will also be a snoozed folder, so you can view any of these messages at any time.

This is a Pro License feature, so is not available to Free License users.

Another Pro License feature is Watch for Reply. So when you send a message, you can specify to watch for a reply. You can be notified when there is a reply, or if there isn’t a reply after a specified time.

Thanks for the info!