Is there a way to disable automatic updates?

I’m trying out eM Client on my girlfriend’s computer, but its auto-update feature triggers firewall warnings at inopportune times (like in the middle of playing a game). Is there a way to turn off automatic updates that I haven’t found yet? Ideally I’d like to see an option that allows you to choose the frequency of checking (as well as an option for “manually”, since the “Check for updates…” feature is just two mouse-clicks away at any given moment).

I understand that it is possible to add firewall exceptions, but I find auto-updating programs generally irritating, and prefer to just check for updates myself on a regular schedule.

I’m sorry but there isn’t option for turning off these updates and we don’t plan to implement it.


Milos Kovalcik.

We only check for automatic updates on startup and NEVER do it when the application is already running. Could you provide more details about the message that the firewall displays?

Best regards,
Filip Navara

Then please update this app less often, it is getting VERY annoying to install them all the time. For me it is a frickin e-mail client, I don’t care if I have a 2 years old version if it works.

I’m forced to look into less obtrusive clients because of this.

If you want, I can disable automatic sending of updates for your license. Just send me an email at