Is there a way to change the New Mail icon notification on eM 7?

in eM 7 the New Mail notification icon is black. I use a dark themed desktop, and I can’t see the thing. I have a “hack” with a wallpaper that has a small white square on it, but since the position of the icon is dynamic I can’t know where it will be all the time, and moving it to the end of the row is an inconvenience.

In the first pic there’s no mail, and in the second image there actually is a New Mail notification there, believe it or not. I dragged a window behind it to see what I mean.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much.

hm… can not confirm this issue - see screenshot. (Windows 8.1)

(perhaps its a side-effect of the Classic-Shell-StartMenu which I have installed…)


Yes, this is very frustrating. I have the same issue in Windows 7. eM 6 had much better icon

This is not a solution, but as a quick hack it’s the best I could do: I use Win 7 and I use transparency on my task bar. I know it’s not for everyone, but I like it. I have made a desktop wallpaper and I have placed a green square in the lower right hand corner, right where I want it. I have then moved eM all the way to the right, and with a bit of tweaking you can get the square on the desktop wallpaper to line up right where you want it. If you want to get a bit more fancier, I used Macro Express and it can poll for new email. When it detects it, it updates my wallpaper with the one with the square on it and you can get a backdrop only when you have new mail. Once mail is read and the new mail window is gone Macro Express refreshes to a wallpaper without the square. I know, cheesy, but I can’t think of anything else.

Make your Tasker black or you have to enable transparency for this to happen. I’m using 7, I don’t know about 8, I’ve played with 10 for a bit & I didn’t see it there (not that I looked very hard).

Enlarge the image below and you will see it.

Nice temporary trick :slight_smile: But I hope this issue will be solved in future releases. So far eM 7 has too many glitches, thinking to switching back to eM 6

Perhaps its easier to check the Options of “Classic-Shell StartMenu” ?
here a Screenshot from my Windows 8.1 Desktop with transparent Taskbar…

Where in Classic Shell? I’ve been using that thing for ages, I’m looking there now. Can you give me a pointer? I’m in Classic Shell, Start Menu, Show all settings. I’d love to do it that way…

Are you sure you have eM 7? There is no white icon for new mail in eM 7. eM 6 had the white icon, not version 7. I’m running eM Pro 7.0.236687.0.

How did you get that white icon in 7???

What is your About like?

hi Mike,

some Screenshots…
perhaps the Answer is hidden somewhere here…?

From Classic-Shell 4.3…
(to be honest: since I have no idea what most of those options do
I do not touch most of them…)