Is There A Way To Change Multiple Calendar Events All At Once?

Hello All!

I have events in my Google calendar that are all exactly the same except the date and/or time of each event. They are not recurring events. Whenever I have an event such as a doctors appointment that will occur again in the future I edit the event (using Google’s web interface) and select “Duplicate Event”. I then modify the date/time of that event and save it.

Currently, my calendar has about 40 such events, the first one being in the past (January 2014) and the last one being in the future (June 15).

As I stated above, all the events have the same information. What I want to do is change the title of all the events at once. Google’s web interface for Calendar does not support this functionality so I was hoping that eM Client would.

The best I have been able to do so far is to go to the Calendar section of eM Client and select the menu Edit->Find. Next I entered the original title of the event(s) in the Search Query, selected All Folders then added 2 new rules: After and Before. In the After field I put 1/1/2014 and in the Before field I put 6/30/2014.

Next I clicked Search. eM Client then showed me a list of all the matching events in the Agenda view.

From this point on I don’t know what to do. I tried selecting all the events then CTRL-F to see if there was a Find/Replace option but nothing happened.

Am I on the right track here to find/replace the title of my multiple events? Or does eM Client simply not support this feature?

Thank you.


Hi Jan, unfortunately this is not possible in eM Client, unless it’s a recurring event you’d have to change the name of every single event.

Thank you for understanding,