Is there a user manual of eM Client?

Do you have a user manual for eM Client? I can only find some help on your website, and I even think that help is related to eM Client 5, not 6.

It would be great if you would have a user manual in PDF format!

we plan to release new and updated manual for eM client 6, unfortunately it will not be in .pdf but so far it looks like it will be accessible same way like current help is.


I would like to have the user manual in PDF format:

* can be read as a ‘book’ (no need to click on multiple links)

* no internet connection needed

* looks more professional

* can easily be searched

Unfortunately we do not plan .pdf file.


Is there a current NON-pdf manual anywhere.
If not, the where are ANY existing manuals for previous version ?


Current user manual is available at…

promoted as official.

I like the software, and it’s not that it lacks certain features…it’s that one has to dig to find out what features it even has.
Something as simple as how to enter a married couple into the contact field or how to make the phone button default to mobile every time you enter a new contact (instead of home! who uses a home phone anymore :-)) is nowhere to be found in the “manual” OR by searching the online forum.
In fact i still don’t know the answer.
It’s the time it’s taking to answer these questions that makes me second guess choosing it as a primary email client. Help.
Maybe someone could make a list of things it doesn’t do so i don’t spent time trying to “find out” how to do something…

Hi, we are preparing some kind of FAQ so when it will go live it might be handy for your needs.


On this subject - I was about to abandon emclient because I wanted to be able to answer emails using the correct corresponding email address  - I then found out completely by accident that emclient actually does this , provided the necessary alias is included in the account settings.

Not only is this not mentioned anywhere - but even if you search for “alias” in the help file there are no results - ridiculous
Also in my browser (current Firefox) the search box on the top of the help page only finds words displayed immediately below it - so I fail to see the point of it being there

I really don’t understand how so much work goes into a good bit of software - and yet nobody updates the manual (and it’s not just emclient).
Every single feature in any software should have a reference / explanation in the help file

While I’m moaning I don’t ever want to use Internet Explorer - so it appals me that it appears if I invoke help - I copied the url into a Firefox bookmark - but I’d rather see a good old fashioned offline CHM  help file