is there a quick way to clean up junk in my email

Esmay,it is not clear what you are asking. Can you expand a bit on your question?

Do you right click on JUNK E-MAIL and then select Empty Junk Folder?

That is what I was going to suggest Davmax, but it seemed too obvious. :slight_smile:

sorry for the confusion, in my inbox I haven’t deleted junk emails as they have come in so I have a few thousand in my inbox that id like a quick fix to clean them up instead of having to select each email and delete it.

eM Client really does not have the ability to detect spam. It can move messages to the Junk E-mail folder if the server has added a spam header to the messages, or if you have specified the address or domain in your Blacklist Rule.

Otherwise it means individually going through them. Sorry.

"A stitch in time…

or now   >  Sort by Sender…
and get blocks of unwanted mail to select for Deletion…

OK the problem is understood. The only way is to block delete in the inbox. Hold down the CTL key whilst you select all the emails you wish to delete. You may have to do this with a number of block deletes. If you have a number to delete that are in one block you can use the Shift key. First select the email at the top of the block , scroll down to the last email of the block, then hold down the shift key whilst selecting this last email. The whole block will be highlighted for deletion.

To prevent this problem in the future, right click on the top task bar where you see Reply, Forward and Mark. Then right click and select Customise. In the new window focus on the left list of Available Items. Find and select Move to Junk, the click on the Add button in the middle, whilst at this place find and select Print and Add. Then select OK.
You will now see Move to Junk and Print in the task bar. Now when you receive a junk mail from a source that comes in repeatedly select the email then select the down arrow next to Move to Junk name. You then have a black list choice to select to black list the whole email address OR black list the Domain ( the part of the email address following the @ sign) this latter method blacklists any  person sending an email from that domain. Once this is achieved all future blacklisted emails will go straight to the Junk Mail folder. Once in this folder they can be removed as a block  by right clicking on the Junk Mail folder and selecting Empty Junk Folder.