Is the Windows version different than MAC?

I’m giving this a whirl … not having much faith. There seems to be a 8.2 version for Windows, and being on a MAC … does the same exist?
I’m trying to access Google Meet and helpful info@ sent me windows file for an upgrade. Does anyone know if Google Meet is available on MAC

And are smart mailboxes supported? I found instructions for how to activate them and again I think they are for Windows.

Kinda a stupid that they are pushing for companies to use their service but it doesn’t seem to be fully developed and they make no distinction that the features on a mac and PC are different. Huh. They give you a free 30 day trial and offer no basic support whatsoever to even answer questions. Basement / lightbulb operation?

The 8.2 version for Mac, which includes support for Online Meetings, will be available in a few weeks.

Not sure what you mean by “smart mailboxes”, but eM Client does have Favourites (All Inboxes, Unread, Flagged etc.) as well as Search and Tag folders. You can find out more about those in the Documentation, which you can access by hitting F1 on your keyboard.

During the 30 day trial you have full access to this wonderful forum, and all the really helpful users who comment here, which means a lot more than just basic support.

If you have any more questions, please ask.

Well hopefully the new version will be out before my trial expires, because again, there is no distinction of available features …

Sorry, Smart folders, not smart mailboxes - it’s in your documentation: Smart Folders in eM Client | eM Client

However, though the instructions are clear: Menu > Tools > Settings > General > General by unchecking the option ‘Show Smart folders’ .

The option of “show smart folders” does not exist in the trial version that you provide for mac. Hence it would be nice to actually utilize a version that has all the features indicated.

And yes, the blog is appreciated, but it’s a waste of time to hunt for documentation that clearly was not created for both mac and PC users in mind. To go through the steps only to find out that the options don’t exist in the version you’ve been provided.

You can enable them in 8.1 (both Mac and Windows, trial, or licensed) by going to Menu > Settings > General and checking Show Favourites folders, and Show Search folders.

I think you were looking at a blog post from more than a year back. Like an old magazine, the information in blogs can become outdated fairly quickly, and doesn’t reflect the current releases.

For more current instructions, the documentation can be accessed by pressing F1 while in eM Client.