Is the Mac version being worked on?

I wonder if you have an active development of Mac version or is it just for future bug fixes.
When do you expect to release next update to Mac version?
What is prohibiting you from releasing updates that can resolve the bugs experienced?

Any new Mac official & interim updates are updated on the release history page.

Yes I do know that. But latest update was 3 months ago and before that we saw shorter period between the updates. And since latest is still Beta version one would think there would be more beta versions available for us ? It is not a final build which may have longer update times.

As latest beta is 3 months old then I do consider my question to be valid actually for a response by eM Client themselves. If it’s being worked on perhaps newer Betas would be released also. And since no Beta version has been released for past 3 months we need some update from the dev team here when we can expect a newer version.

Any todo/github or changelog available of what can be expected from next release or what has been patched so far in next release?

I imagine V9 won’t be too far away.

No, the latest Mac release, 8.2.1478, is not a beta version.

There may yet be a another service release for 8.2, but we are working on a major new release; version 9 for both Mac and PC. News of that will be made later in the year, and there are exciting new features and lots of UI tweaks.