Is the ability to easily redirect an email message planned?


Yes, it is planned.



you can use Tools - Rules for this, you can set auto forwarding there, but it will work only when eM Client is turned on and messages you are receiving are not marked as read.


This is something else, redirect feature such as icewarp webmail has, right right, redirect message (preserving headers). The Bat email client for example, has it.

Is it still planned? Thank you.

Hi currently you can only redirect messages by using your webmail settings or using rules for automatically forwarding messages,
however the redirect feature has not been implemented yet. It’s still planned though.

Thank you for understanding,

wow, i needed redirect for some testing and gee, 2 years later it’s still ‘planned’… em client really doesn’t move very fast…  

and for gods sake, please don’t say thank you for understanding.  This seems to be the standard response for anything thats requested and you bs everyone by saying it’s planned but it never happens… adding redirect is relatively simple, it’s already on many clients. 

And honestly, when you say it’s planned for 2 years and it’s not done, i really don’t understand.

Hi Marty, the standard forwarding feature is included in eM Client, you can simply forward any message using the forward button or an automized rule that you can create in Tools > Rules, to forward any messages to another account or email while the application is online.

If you want to redirect all messages processed with this account, you can also create an auto-forwarding rule on your mail server, as this is an available server side feature as well.


According to my IT guy, who probably knows every rule in email protocols since day one, forwarding is NOT the same as redirect.  It CHANGES the header, we even tried ‘forward as original’ but the header changed using this method, rendering the test mail useless. 

He insists this is a very important tool that most email clients omit.  This is no different with em client.  So, doing what you claim will not preserve the header making your version of a redirect simply worthless.  In addition, if you’re debugging or testing, switching all mail to a bogus forward on the server is inane and pointless.

You guys all have ‘answers’ for issues that em client has and have the ‘dodge’ the question with BS mastered.

In this thread, it CLEARLY said a true redirect was planned over 2 years ago and it’s still not implemented.  So, please don’t insult the intelligence of your customers by simply offering worthless and incorrect solutions that are not the same.

What’s most annoying about em client, is the lack of transparency and the willingness to blatently lie to people and make promises that never happen.  The ‘thank you for understanding’ comments you all make when a problem with em client is questioned is all over these forums.  problem after problem is ignored routinely and instead of actually making changes you simple make false promises and most promised fixes are disgarded and never actually implemented.

Others have mentioned the Bat,   and they are ALWAYS fixing things, small and big, with new versions out every 2-3 months, while em client is happy never really fixing anything, and just telling people it’s ‘planned’ and then forgotten.

We pay a premium price for this software, yet we don’t get premium service.  No phone support, hundreds or  thousands of ‘bug reports’ that are years old and never fixed and a general mentality of what you have is good enough and we don’t want to bother fixing it.

Pretty crappy way to do business if you ask me.  I’m sure many others will agree.

Thank you for not caring or understanding.

Hi again Marty, as previously mentioned here on the forum, the feature is planned, implementing new features can be very time consuming, I’m sorry you feel like there has been no changes lately to the application, but I can assure you new features are being worked on everyday as well as bugs are being fixed regularly.

Check out our Release History web page, , to see what’s updated in recent updates.

Message bouncing (redirection) is a feature that has not been implemented, however many other useful features have been added in the meantime. We’re also currently working on an upcoming release of eM Client version 7 many new useful features.


and probably a cost to upgrade and it’ll arrive sometime in 2016

but it’s ok
thank you for understanding

I need the Redirect also.  It is very useful.  
I get the contents of all the online contact forms for my site and I need to redirect them to the correct person.  If i use forward and the final recipent replies, it comes to me not to the original sender.  

when this option becomes available we will be purchasing multiple copies.

I’m adding my vote for this very useful feature.

As soon as it is available I will buy MULTIPLE licenses.  Until that day I’m stuck with Postbox and the daily crashes that particular product provides.