Is Sync needed for notification?

I only get notification if I refresh. Do I need to Sync to get notification?

Does this mean that eM Client is receiving new messages automatically, but you don’t get notifications unless you manually click on Refresh?

Is this something that was working before, and has now changed, or has it always been like that?

When I installed eM, I got notified of new mail arrival (in Outlook). But after disabling Sync I wasn’t. So I manually refreshed and I was notified again. Hence my question.

What I’m trying to understand is what are the minimum requirements for getting new mail notification without necessarily receiving new messages on eM, which I assumed is what Sync means.

The minimum requirement for a new mail notification is a new mail in the Inbox. You cannot get a new mail notification if eM Client doesn’t receive a new mail. It’s that simple.

Sync means that the messages on the server are mirrored in eM Client. They may be new or old. If they are new, you will get a new mail notification for any new mail in the Inbox once the sync is complete. If you disable syncing, you will not receive new mail, and so no new mail notification.

That makes sense. Thanks