Is possible reorder the shorcuts (search, mail, contacts...) in tolls bar?

In defect the HMI is a bite “caotic”, continuosly I will move the mouse around the HMI for select “Search”, “Contacs”, “Email”, because the items are in the opposite sides, and I don’t see were if possible change the position, in settings from toolbar only is possble reorder/chage de buttons.

I think is more productive all the items will be near, or, otherwise, possibility to order with the user preferences.

Tks in advance.

You can’t change the positions, so for example you can’t move the search box to the left, but you can change the order the buttons appear in the toolbar.

Right-click on the toolbar and choose Customise.

Select an option in the right column and use the arrow buttons to change the order.

Tks for the answer.

Yes, I know. The issue isn’t the buttons, is, like you say, the other items.

I think that is a good improvement for nest versions.