Is it possible to use your product on my Nexus 7 (Android) tablet? - I hope so


I use your free product on my home PC. It is better for me than Outlook, and now I am used to it I much prefer EM

Is iot possible to use EM Client on my Nexus 7 - I do hope so

On Android you can use

K9-Mail for E-Mails:…

Business Calendar for dates and events…

Tasks for Todo:…


we do not support any other system but Windows and we do not plan to port eM Client to another platform in foreseeable future.

with regards

Thanks - thats very helpful

Michael O’

With my Samsung and a tablet android I use Aqua Mail Pro…
and Digical for the calendar.

I am using default Android calendar on my tablet, and to be hones I do not expect form Android OS too much so I am glad that it works at least like it do :slight_smile: