Is it possible to sync with Windows Mobile right now?

I’ve seen several topics (also of 5 months ago) where you annouce support for mobile sync. Have you implemented that yet? Is it possible to sync with Windows Mobile?

Thanks in advance.

If it’s not possible I could help: I’m a .Net developer both on desktop and CF. Do you offer any sort of APIs? If you don’t I’ll try to manually edit the SQLLite datafiles. Do you offer any specification for the table you use?

I’m mostly interested in syncing contacts, tasks and calendar, not mail substantially.

I also have this question. I have eM 2.7 on my Window 7, 64bit pc and I just purchased an iPaq111. I’m really only interested in datebook,calender and contacts. Is this possible to do??? Kittymom@181

We are in beta phase of sync service that will enable you to sync with mobile phones. You can join our beta program on

Great but… I don’t want to give all my contacts, appointments and tasks to your servers! Is there any alternative? Can I set up a custom server?

Thanks in advance.

You can set up any caldav/carddav compliant server if you want like IceWarp, Apple Server, Kerio Connect, Oracle etc. Sync2eM is meant to ease the process. We believe that the over the air (server based) sync is much better solution for mobile devices than over the wire client based solutions.

Well, OK, but most notebook users have bluetooth - so the device can sync wireless. I simply don’t see why do I need an Internet connection (having mobile right beside notebook) wanting to e.g. synchronize calendar events I’ve just created…

The site referenced is an Asian storefront. Someone needs to clean up these files, if they are really three years old already.