Is it possible to rename folders...yes or no?

 I would like to re-order my inbox folder names to add a 1, 2, 3 etc in front of the name (other than system ones, of course). It would allow me to put my busy folders at the top of the inbox by renumbering them. Is it possible to edit those names?

under the tab: emClient-> Account:
You can change the names and also the order of the accounts. Simply move it up or down.

Other than the default folders like Inbox, Sent etc. you can rename those folders you have created. Just right-click on the folder and choose Rename.

The folder tree will be organised with system folders first, then your created folders. Unfortunately you cannot have them above the Inbox.

I can not believe I missed that. All I can say is it was under my out-sized cursor hand…that’s my story etc. Thanx to both for a fast and accurate answer.