Is it possible to pin seperate launchers for mail, calendar and contacts to the taskbar?

This would save me mousemovement, click and loading every time I want to check something in the calendar. This happens quite often to me, and I’m a huge fan of Win+Number to launch an item pinned to the taskbar. :wink:


No, it is not possible at the moment.

Oh :confused: was hoping for commandline paramters to pass to the launcher or something along the lines.

I’d open a suggestion for the launcher thing, but no need for spam. Thanks for the super-fast replies.

I’ll keep using the free version for now, and see how much I’ll love it. The “no direct calendar” is a bummer, though.

Are there keybindings to quickly switch between mail and kalendar?

you know what? just take my money! :smiley: It’s awesome software the way it works now, and it can only get better faster if you can afford all the pizza and coffee needed. :wink: