is it possible to extract email address from a certain em mail folder?

is it possible to extract email address from a certain em mail folder? i migrated to em from thunderbird, i have this feature by installing an extension. is there something similar could be done on em?

Hi Dennis, not really sure what you have in mind.
There is no feature that would for example create contacts from all your received messages in a certain folder.
But if you find the particular email, you can right click the sender’s email and select add to contacts or just really use the email address however you want.

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thanks for your email. i think you catch my meaning exactly.

the feature is nice but that is not really required by most regular email users.

on the other hand, is there a function inside em that whenever i reply or send an email, the receipient email address could be automatically add to Contacts or Address Book?


Hi again Dennis, unfortunately there is no such feature, but all recipients that have been used while using eM Client are cached, so even though they are not in the address book or any of your contacts folder, they are actually saved in the eM Client’s database, but can’t be extracted (only manually).
If you’re typing an email into the To field while replying or composing new email, the auto complete feature should show these addresses.

You can also review, edit or delete these addresses in the settings of the application (Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose > Show recipients).

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