Is it possible to download attachments preliminary when connected to Exchange?


When trying to read new email with embedded image text is shown instantly, but image takes some seconds to download from Exchange. After image was downloaded email source shows image is embedded into email as base64 MIME inline object. Is this behaviour correct?
And I didn’t find options to download attachments (all, not just embedded images) preliminary. Is it possible?


Hello Idris, you should be able to enable automatic download of attachments in your folder settings. Right click for example your Inbox and select Properties > Offline > “Including attachments”. Using this option all attachments should be automatically downloaded when new message is available on the server.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. Enabled the option, will see the result.

May be i am doing something wrong, but the solution failed.
Made syncronization with EWS, disabled internet, try to see email - no embedded image.
Moreover, doing these tests one mail refuses to download embedded image after internet is on. Tried resyncronization, email cilent off\on - doesn’t help. “The message will be loaded on next connection” is displayed only.

Hello Idris, after you enable this option eM Client should synchronize all your folders and download the attachments, are you sure the synchronization has finished? You can check the operations window in Tools > Operations for monitoring upload/download of items with your mail server. Make sure the sync has finished and if the issue persists try to repair one of your mail folders and check if attachments were downloaded during re-sync.

To repair a mail folder, right click the folder in the left pane and select Properties > Repair and click on the “Repair” button.

Hope this helps.