Is it possible to close eM Client from the command line?

I would like to create write a script that automates the backup process e.g.:

  1. Close eM Client
  2. Run Backup
  3. Launch eM Client

I can do steps 2 and 3 easily enough. But would like a way to shutdown eM Client properly from the command line to achieve step 1.

Hello tom,

We understand that the backup process is currently not very convenient, which is why it will be possible to run backups while using the program in eM Client 7.1. We would advise against writing such a sript, since it could damage the database.


Hi Maurice,

That is great news!

Out of interest will you still be using Windows Task Scheduler to schedule backups in 7.1, or would you handle scheduling in em client itself?


Hello Tom,

We’re happy that you share our enthusiasm. The scheduling will be handled in the same way as it is currently - it will be possible to set the frequency in eM Client, but it will be handled by Windows Task Scheduler. This is necessary to ensure that the backup runs even when eM Client is turned off.