Is it possible to change the way emails are displayed so one can sort them all by e.g. 'from', 'subject', 'to' instead of by date?

Is it possible to change the way emails are displayed so one can sort them all by e.g. ‘from’, ‘subject’, ‘to’ instead of by date? I used to be able to do this in Windows Live Mail and it was useful sometimes. Cannot work out how to do it on eM Client though. Thanks for any advice.

Clicking on the column headings in the Inbox will sort them by the clicked column, either ascending or descending, repeated clicking switches them up or down.
Is that what you were after? 

You have column headings?!  What version is this?
I’m on 7.1 and there are no column headings, nor can I sort by anything but date (which is fine by me).
I haven’t found a way to achieve this.  Seems strange not to have it now that I think about it!

I’ve always had columns headings in eM Client.
But that is because of the way I set it up. I’ve always set up a mail client this way and didn’t think twice about it.

Because I always use the option Menu / View / Layout / Messages Panel Off
which suppresses the reading pane for messages, the inbox occupies the whole central pane, and thus, columns are presented, as per my screen-shot (above).

When reading an email, I always double-click an item which brings the email message up in a sub-window and read it there.

My version is the current version, but I would suspect that this has been a feature for quite some time, a longer time user may confirm this as I have only been using eM Client for a couple of weeks now

Wow THANKS David!  I just learned something new, and you’re absolutely right - I cannot imagine having a grid with columns and NOT having all of them able to sort/filter.  I mean no disrespect to the developers or EMC by the comments I make.  Heck I cannot imagine LOTS of things I’ve done while developing apps! LOL

I sure wish we had the ability to create plugins/extensions for this stuff!  (maybe if I keep saying that they’ll hear it and reconsider! LOL)

Even without the columns you can sort by right-clicking on the “Sorted by…” at the top of the message list.  The choose sort and you will see all options.

Oy vey!  And here I thought I had done a fairly good job of evaluating this app!  LOL
I guess I just don’t use a whole lot of these features.  I can’t wait to see how the rest of my team did, no doubt better than me! LOL

Thanks again Jay - I am learning a ton by reading here!  

PS: After looking at this again, I find it a tad confusing that they have the Newest/Oldest option on the right, which is obviously a sort, but on the left they have no icon or much indication at all!  Why not have just -1- clicky-link for sort?  

The right icon is just an ascending/descending option and works for every sort key.  Also note that they also support secondary sort…

Having not seen the “Sorted by…” field on the screen, I can’t say how I would respond to its presence, but from a UI perspective, if it was accompanied by a down-arrow like the ordinal field, it may look more obviously to be a controllable field.

There are more than a few instances in eM Client where some hint could be given that there is more. One that comes to mind is Auto Archiving. It took me days of looking at it to discover that the scope could be changed. :slight_smile:

Gary - Have you and perhaps Jay ever considered creating a small group of users who would communicate these things to the powers that be before a new version - a sort of liason who could carry the voices of the community?  Especially about such things that would - beyond doubt - be easy to remedy.  

I think that this forum is already considered as the voice of the community. Hopefully changes that are wanted or needed can be identified by proposing and voting on ideas and by comments to questions and problems.