Is it possible to add a SEND only account ?

I have and account and have that imported into eM Client.

In the account I have address another SEND ONLY account, which is basically an SMTP server, which can send mail from a different email address to the main address.

eM Client doesn’t seem to of imported this other account from outlook, so I want to add it manually to eM Client.  I’ve gone through the add account section, but it keeps asking for a INCOMING MAIL Server - which I don’t have, as I just want to add the other SMTP Server for SENDING ONLY.

I’ve tried just entering my details in the INCOMING MAIL SERVER section, but this doesn’t work.

How can I add a SMTP/SEND only account ?


Hi Noel,
you can’t set up a send only account, during the set up there always needs to be an incoming one.
But what you can do, is set up a random incoming server and skip the testing server phase and then in the Tools > Accounts section open the tab of the incoming server (IMAP/POP) and scroll down to the option ‘Enable Service’ and uncheck it.

Best regards,

Hi Olivia

With thanks for the reply.

I have done this, BUT in Tools > Accounts section, on the tab of the incoming server (IMAP) there is NO ‘Enable Service’ to uncheck.  In the other tab called SMTP there is, but obviously I can’t disable this. 

Currently I can send using this extra SMTP account, but I am always getting errors, as its trying to check for mail with the fake details.

As far as I know I am looking in the correct place.  I am running version 6.0.234210


Below is a PDF of screen grabs.

Hi Noel,
you need to scroll down in the IMAP tab:

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Thanks so much.  I can’t believe I didn’t scroll down far enough - apologies

No problem. May I just ask if everything works correctly now? No more errors?

ALL GOOD, thank you very much

Sorry, I do have a follow up question.

So, I now have my OUTLOOK.COM account and an extra account with has a fake IMAP incoming mail account (NOT ENABLED, thanks) and a real SMTP server for sending.

Currently the default account is the OUTLOOK.COM one, so when I click NEW MAIL, this is the default sending account.  When I create a new mail, I would like the NONE OUTLOOK one to be default.  BUT, in TOOLS ACCOUNTS, I cannot set it as DEFAULT because IMAP is not enabled.

Is there anyway, I can make the SMTP account (with the fake incoming server) the default account to send ?

With thanks

Unfortunately that cannot be set up in eM Client.

Shame, as this is possible in other email clients.  Could this be added as a feature request, please ?

Hi Noel,
I think it’s best if you set up a new idea thread for this feature request here on the forums so other users can vote on it.
I could change the type of this thread, but since your original issue was resolved, I think it will be best to keep it separate.
Thank you.

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It seems that the “Enable Service” option isn’t there anymore. Is there any way to disable it now?

Go to menu/tools/accounts and on the General tab, uncheck the appropriate service (e.g., IMAP. POP3)

Thanks, I just found that myself.