Is it possible that eM Client only checks one email account instead of both my accounts for new mails?

I have 2 email accounts ofwhich 1 will be closed very soon. I don’t want to delete that account from eM Client because then all emails will be deleted as well (right?).
I have set up the program to check for new emails once per hour automatically.
How to prevent that eM Client is checking for new emails at the account that (soon) doesn’t exist anymore? 

You can move any messages from the account folder tree to Local Folders and then delete the account from eM Client. If Local Folders are not visible, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > General. See 1 below.

The setting in 2 below has no effect on IMAP or Exchange accounts, and they will continue to sync in real-time. It does, however, effect POP3 accounts, Calendars and Contacts.

Thank you very much Gary Curtin for helping me out. Excellent!